Latest Finishes & Accessories

One of the reasons that Kitchens By CJ is set apart in the kitchen market today is because we have a passion to give our clients access to products that are “New to the market”, as they are released. Kitchens can be an overly expensive purchase if you go with the wrong company. That’s why we have made it our mission through research and partnership to make our kitchens competitive and affordable leaving you room to have finishes that you didn’t think you could fit into your budget! Check out the latest releases that are available to you through Kitchens By CJ.

Polytec Vennette











Polytec’s newest innovation in decorative doors & panels promises an unrivaled anti-fingerprint technology in the purest matt form. The silky smooth finish of VENETTE creates an inviting and pleasant touch experience, whilst the pure matt surface assures low light reflection, reducing the need for constant care and cleaning. VENETTE’s advanced surface technology creates a soft appeal, and invites you to explore the surface without the danger of fingerprints and scuff marks. Australian made and exclusive to polytec VENETTE pure matt will add a touch of luxe to any interior joinery application.


LATEST COLOURS Polytec has released some exciting new colours in their woodmatt and Ultra glaze ranges to help you design and create some stunning joinery. Featured here is the ROJO & PERUGIAN Walnuts which will add a beautiful sense of warmth to any space. Also featured is the new MINK , a matt finish acrylic in a slightly green mid grey solid.



LATEST PROFILES Thermolaminated doors & panels are made from profiled moisture resistant E-Zero MDF, constructed with a durable and decorative surface on the face and edges. The result is a stylish, fully profiled door. Its thermoformed surface makes it resistant to the usual knocks and bumps of a busy household, ensuring your kitchen will remain a showpiece for years to come. Stylish, functional, and simple, Thermolaminated doors & panels are suitable for any internal joinery application including vanities, wardrobes, custom built furniture, storage units and laundry cupboards. Check out the latest profiles to the market which include HAMPTON, CHIFLEY & ASCOT

Ceasarstone – Primordia

Organic. Industrial. Unique imperfections accentuate Primordia's industrial look. Its cool grey complexion echoes the character of concrete. Across its light grey base, soft mineral splotches range in off-whites and greys, combined with darker veils of grey and brown to reflect the oxidised rusts found in nature. Additional traces of faint yellow and washed green, give the surface more body completing this authentic effect.

Empira White - Delicate. Timeless

Empira White is a unique marble quartz. Its classical white base coloured in the purest of hues. The almost black veins that traverse the countertop create an interplay between darkness and light.

The distinct look of marble has always been timeless, ever since Ancient Greece. Today it represents an expression of nature and is often introduced to urban interiors as a contrast to other elements. Traits that have made marble fashionable again; less haughty and more about being organic. .


Kitchen By CJ – Cast Iron handles

A beautiful bold handle made of cast iron, available in a lip pull, standard & knob handle. Ideal for rustic, farmhouse style kitchen cupboards and drawers.

Kitchen By CJ – Spilt Knobs

A timber handle that can bring the finishing touches to a stunning kitchen. Made from natural materials these Knobs come in three different colours which include Black Stain, Oak & Walnut. Sizing come 48mm or a 64mm.