What should I expect at my in home design consultation?
Our design consultations are designed to understand what you want and how we as a company can help you achieve that. We start by discussing layout, what works, and what you want to change. We then discuss materials and finishes to help us put together an accurate quote. Finally, your designer will measure up the space and make any notes that help us better design your kitchen. We will advise you when we will send through your quote. We recommend allowing 1 hour for your consultation.

What is the difference between your flat pack range and custom range?
Our flat pack range is designed to work around selected sizes. This range comes flat packed with an option for supply only, a great option if you have a low budget and need a fast turn around. We use our custom range when we sit with you at your in home consultation. We can maximise your space and customize your cabinetry to fit perfectly. We use the same carcass material in both ranges meaning construction and quality is not compromised.

When do I need to purchase my appliances?
Usually we won’t need the exact appliance details until we start drawing your final plans. During consultation stage, it is handy though to know roughly how big your appliances are, e.g. 600mm oven or 900mm oven etc

What trades are involved in a kitchen renovation?
Kitchen Installer
Builder/carpenter (if changing any structural walls)

How long will I be without a kitchen?

It depends on a couple of factors – for example if it’s a laminate bench top or stone bench top, and if there are walls that need to be removed.

Generally, it can range between 1-3 weeks.

Does Kitchens by CJ carry out the installation of my kitchen?
Kitchens by CJ operates as a design, supply and install business; we also offer complete project management of your kitchen renovation. There’s also the option for self-install which can be requested by the customer at the signing of contracts. We can provide you with the names of licensed tradespeople in your area who can assist you with other relevant trades needed for your project.

How long does an average kitchen renovation take?
Every kitchen renovation is different, but normally we suggest customers to allow 5-7 weeks. Timing is dependent on promptness of customer to finalise appliances and return signed documents.

What payment options do you have available?
We accept bank transfer, which has no extra fees. We also accept Visa & MasterCard - there is a 1.85% surcharge Amex is also acccepted and has no surcharge.

Do you have a showroom?
Yes we do, our showroom is located in Vermont and is by appointment only. Our showroom is regularly updated to house the latest finishes and materials, helping you feel textured surfaces and trial hardware. Please note that our showroom is on our second level and is accessed by stairs.

How do I breakdown my kitchen renovation costs?
With any kitchen renovation you’ll need to allow for:
Cabinetry: this includes the cost of all cabinetry required for your kitchen, your designer provides this with a quote.
Bench top: this will depend on your benchtop finish, and how large your kitchen is. Your designer will provide you with this price, they can also give you a comparison price if you are still deciding between stone and laminate. Please request this at time of appointment.
Splashback: there are a range of different splashbacks available on the market, you can research what splashback you would like and factor this into your budget.
Appliances: it’s a great starting point to have a think about what appliances you want as these can take a chunk out of the budget. We recommend you get an idea of what this might cost so you know what you have left to work with. Kitchens by CJ offer some great euro appliance packages, you can check these out on our appliance package page.
Trades work: this includes plumbers, electricians, tillers etc. They can vary depending on the work that is required. To give you a better idea, our designers provide you with an estimate of what this may cost for your project.

Do you manage the whole project including trades?
We offer a full service which includes rip out and disposal of any existing kitchen, all necessary trades for rough ins and fit offs, installation of kitchen, stone & splashbacks. We also offer an option for you to self manage your project with your own trades.

Things I can do during the renovation?
There are a couple of things that can help make things easier throughout your kitchen renovation. Once we have booked in your delivery date please make sure someone is available to open up, we also suggest laying down any protective blankets on flooring where your cabinets will be placed prior to install. We aim to minimise all cutting done inside, however there are times when it is necessary and we suggest using some protective plastic to throw over and furniture. In cases where trades are removing tiled floors, we suggest securing any breakables so they are unaffected by the vibration of any machinery used.

How much do your kitchens cost?
At kitchens By CJ we have 2 ranges available

  1. Flat pack range - using our range of select sizes (prices vary depending on quantity) from: $3000 - $8,000
  2. Designer range - for a complete custom designer kitchen, prices start from: $15,000 - $25,000

It’s best to discuss with your designer about your budget as this helps them see what range would best suit you and help you get your kitchen project started.