About Kitchens by CJ

Owners Chris and Jenna from The Block have a passion for designing kitchens and guiding others in their kitchen renovation project.
“Our clients are important to us, we listen to functional requirements and focus on using our knowledge to bring that dream kitchen to life.”
Having worked in the kitchen industry for over 10 years, this duo have tackled many renovation projects, including four of their own profitable property flips. Your project is important to you, which makes it important to us. We know we won’t always be the cheapest, but we can guarantee that we will be the best! We are confident in our ability to produce incredible kitchens. Our company offers two ranges:
Custom Range; this will ensure all cabinets, panels & fillers are measured and installed with precision to your space.
Flat pack range; a range with a wide selection of sizes, flat-packed. This allows for a fast turn around and can help with projects that have lower budgets.
Quality is one of our highest priorities. Whether you design from our Custom Range, or Flat pack range, quality is never compromised.


We make it easy by offering straight-forward and easy to understand plans, 3D Renders to help with visualizations, customer service help throughout your project, the latest showroom to help you engage with materials, and straight-forward and clear contracts.

As a company we don’t claim to be perfect, but we aim to give our attention to anything that arises - we work with the client making sure the final product is one we both agree is amazing. We know communication is key, in doing this we know customers like to share their experiences with friends and families, so we would like to know that you have been looked after and are sharing the good news about Kitchens By CJ.


Designing a functional and stunning kitchen doesn’t just happen. There are essential things you need to consider, and that’s where we love to help. Our design consults help you plan for the key things that can really make your kitchen a “Dream Kitchen” we talk:
LAYOUT – how you and your family use the kitchen, work zones, making your kitchen have a fluid connection between workspaces.
STORAGE – because no one ever says I have too much storage right? You have storage needs and finding the right place to put everything helps keep your kitchen organised.
APPLIANCE – Designing your space for all the essential appliances and helping make space for those “wish list” items.
SURFACES – picking durable, low maintenance materials, hygienic and easy to clean surfaces will help keep your kitchen always looking as new.
HARDWARE – good bones are important, and so is your hardware! In a kitchen, you may not see it at first glance but when you go to use it, you’ll know whether it’s good or not.


With so much ingenuity going into kitchen materials & finishes, we believe it’s important that we help customers see what is new to the market and how it can benefit their new kitchen renovation. We are proud to be in an industry that is always looking to improve - whether it’s a new way of cutting and edging, or using specially designed glues that bring longevity to products. We know that this will help keep your kitchen looking it’s best for years to come.
Because every project is different, having different options is key. We offer a flat pack option, which has a fast turn around and helps keep the project in budget. Built with quality materials and hardware, it’s a perfect option for rental properties.
When tackling a dream kitchen, all good things take time - so custom cabinetry and designer details are all a part of the process. Our showroom hosts some of the latest finishes and stone options on the market. We source detailed materials to give your kitchen that statement. From brass inlays to solid timber frames, we are excited to see what the design possibilities are.

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